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You’re A Sexy Good-looking Gentleman, So Don’t Let Insecurities Say Otherwise

It goes without saying that all of us guys have a picture of the model man in our head, and we do our very best to capture and live by these standards as much as possible. Whether it’s the cool-guy archetype, master of words and persuasion, or the fit and lean athlete gearing for success, it’s the ideals we try to achieve. And we convince ourselves that living our lives to the fullest from our young adulthood right to the headstones is only possible through them.

However, beyond the goal-setting and commendable effort to self-improvement, these ideals also negatively affect placing unnecessary pressure and creating destructive insecurities. Internal struggles that don’t only hurt you emotionally but also mess with your mind and affect your physical health. So, what’s a guy got to do to break free?

Insecurities Are Perfectly Normal. It’s How You Deal With Them That Counts

Look, there’s nothing wrong with having insecurities because we’re all battling our own inner demons, so don’t think that you’re alone in this battle – we’re all in the same boat! But, the problem lies not with the insecurities themselves but how you deal with them. Leave them to fester, and you’ll bar the chances of any self-growth, so it’s time we learn how to overcome them.

#1 Body Image Issues

Easily one of the most common insecurities is those body image issues, our natural tendency to compare our bodies to that of movie stars, magazine covers, and the numerous people online. Sure, we put in our hours going through a full workout and eating right, but seeing the chiseled chests and six-pack abs of others leave most dudes to believe they’re not making the cut.

  • Not “Ripped” Enough: Yes, they’re bodies are strong, but remember that we’re all at different stages in our fitness journey! They could be years ahead of you, and you’ve only just started, so don’t compare someone else’s chapter 24 to your chapter 1 because that’s not a fair comparison. Better yet, love your body for the way it looks because as long as you’re healthy, then we’ve all got a shot.
  • Your Height: Time and time again, height is always commonly brought up when talking about body image. However, unlike your weight that can be improved with resistance training, height is just a natural-born feature! So, don’t feel bad about it, and if anyone ever brings it up to put you down, they’re most likely people you should avoid anyway.

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#2 Career and Comparing Success

Whether your scrolling through TikTok or going through some Instagram stories, it’s almost impossible not to come across people online who are flexing their success or posting about how much money they’re making. And for all the dudes who are doing okay but not at the level these guys are raving about, it tends to make them feel small and not meet the standard.

  • Not Swimming in Cash: Cash isn’t the only thing in life that matters, and when it comes to building deep and loving relationships, using cash as its foundation is bound to crumble. Some people just had more advantages or got a headstart, but their success should never invalidate your hard work. Just keep your head up and stay hustling.
  • Outshadowed Intelligence: We know how irritating it can get when you struggle with studies or don’t match up in skills, but remember, we all have our unique abilities. It doesn’t matter if their intelligence out shadows you because you have a craft only you know. So, don’t pair up your weaknesses against someone’s strengths because that’s not fair.

#3 Fear of Being Judged

Last but not least, one of the biggest insecurities men suffer from is the fear of being judged. Even though countless authors, successful people, movies, and so many forms of media have hammered down the concept of not letting yourself get carried away by the words of others. To do away with the mindset that their affirmation or praise even meant anything in the first place.

  • Doesn’t Risk Vulnerability: Guys, we know how awesome it feels to be regarded as the shoulder to lean on and being seen as strong, but there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable. If you need to cry, then don’t bottle it in because we all deserve to be emotional. And your vulnerability doesn’t’ make you less of a man. It makes you whole.
  • Suffers From “Lone Wolf”: While books and movies like to depict protagonists as brooding, independent, and lone-wolf individuals, you don’t have to adopt the same ideal. Keeping things to yourself and trying to juggle every single responsibility in existence is impossible. It’s okay to rely on others, just as they rely on you.

Break These Chains, Be Yourself

Overall, we just wanted to go through some of the insecurities holding a lot of dudes back from realizing their true potential. So, break these chains and be yourself because that’s the most attractive trait you have; uniqueness.

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