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Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Merriam-Webster defines the term man cave as “a room or space designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities.” For a single man, this is usually the entirety of his house or apartment. He can do as he pleases wherever he is. For husbands, especially those with children, it is probably a much smaller space, if there is one at all.

No matter your marital status, the importance of a man cave cannot be undermined. Aside from an area for “hobbies and leisure activities,” a man cave is also a sanctuary, a place of self-reflection, a refuge in times of emotional turmoil. No wonder even Superman has one in his Fortress of Solitude.

So what is an ideal man cave? Whether you are into sports, movies, cigars, or fashion, there are two key factors you should take into account.

All Shapes and Sizes

Designing the perfect man cave starts with finding the right size for your specific needs. If you live in a house with a garden or backyard, a great idea is to procure the services of a company specializing in custom storage buildings. An external facility will not only give you the privacy you need but also provide you with an “escape” from the stresses of the daily grind.

If this is the path you choose to take, consider the following:

  • Even though it’s your personal space, make sure your man cave has enough space for at least a few people. A man can only do so much by himself. More often than not, a man cave will quickly transform into a “boys lounge” or game area.
  • If you have enough space, include a shower, a refreshment area, and a toilet. You might be spending hours at a time in your cave and there’s nothing more annoying than having to go in and out all the time. This is especially true in hot summers and harsh winters.
  • Make sure your man cave has internet access and enough electric sockets. At first, you might only have a computer or TV. Later however this will include a sound system, a fridge, a microwave, a coffee bar, or a massage chair.

As for design, be open to your feelings and desires. If you still can’t come up with something you like, there are many options you could choose from.

man renovating

An Environment of Creativity

Real artistry is usually found in moments when the mind is clear and the body is relaxed. A great man cave should provide you with this environment. Sure, many men go to their caves to relax and unwind. But you can do this in the comfort of your bedroom. A man cave should be more than that. It should be a place where ideas flow and creativity is set free.

As such, focus on decor, put some effort into it. Use the right colors for your personality and lighting that makes you feel most comfortable. Add paintings and posters that inspire and motivate you. If you think better when barefoot, buy comfortable rugs that don’t collect moisture. These simple ideas will create the perfect atmosphere to turn your vision into reality.

Making Do

If you don’t have the time, space, or financial resources to create the man cave of your dreams, don’t give up, don’t lose hope. You can still improvise, you can still make do. A small space with a comfortable chair and a good book are more than what most men need to unwind. If you can’t buy a 52″ TV buy a 42″ instead. If your budget is not enough for a wine cooler for 20 bottles, purchase one for 10.

What’s important is not how much space you have or how many gadgets are in this space. What matters is having time for yourself, even a few moments each day. So use your imagination, innovate, invent. Every man can have his man cave, and that includes you.

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