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Work on Your Confidence and Get That Raise

Employers often judge personality over performance, and being timid and shy won’t get you anywhere. Confidence and self-esteem can be the deal-makers that get you that raise — or even that promotion — but you’ll need to put in a little effort.

Look Good

How you see yourself directly affects your confidence, and outward appearance can be a significant factor. Make an effort to appear more professional, and don’t neglect the littlest bit of hygiene. Dress sharply as much a possible. Choose clothes that fit and go to a tailor for your business suits instead of buying off the rack. Get your hair done neatly — not too ostentatious but not too plain either. Invest a bit of money into your looks.

Get your teeth fixed if you have broken or missing teeth. Hiding your teeth when you talk makes you seem timid, and you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a perfect smile. If you’re losing hair, get a custom hairpiece or undergo scalp micro-pigmentation. There are many aesthetic clinics in Singapore, and each one can help you look a bit better. Employers often see their workers as reflections of their companies, so looking good is an absolute essential.

Get Good

Improving yourself can do wonders for your self-esteem. Learn a new language or skill. Extra knowledge that separates you from the pack reinforces your identity, and you’ll never know when it can come in handy. You can even hit two birds with one stone by learning skills that can be helpful to your company.

Personal development books can guide you by providing goals or habits that you can follow. A bit of guidance can be helpful and constant actions eventually turn to personal habits after enough time. If you’re learning a skill, try to get to the top 20 percentile. It’ll take a little more effort, but it distinguishes you from the crowd. An extra skill or language will make you a more valuable asset to your employer, and you could reap extra benefits because of it.

man lifting weights

Get Fit

Singapore is the world’s healthiest country. Being overweight will make you stand out but not in a positive way. Obesity or just being overweight can damage your confidence, both unconsciously and consciously. The extra weight also makes you seem unfit, making your chances of getting past for a promotion increasingly high. In Singapore, being overweight also leads to the perception of being slow and lazy. Try as you might to work your job with all efficiency, you won’t escape the prevailing cultural perception.

Go for regular runs during the morning or after work. The running craze is still going strong in Singapore, and you won’t lack running groups or routes. Join a gym or, better yet, a Crossfit box. Having a team to push you on will increase your chances of sticking to a program, and you’ll also build camaraderie and extend your social network.

Confidence and self-esteem will make you a better person and a better employee of your company. Invest a little time and effort in yourself and increase your chances of success and happiness.


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