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Basic Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

Winter is the time of the year when lovely coats and layers upon layers of wonderful fabrics are in vogue. However you want to stay fashionable, keeping warm and comfortable is still the priority. This is why women should remember to find a balance between comfort and style.

Here are the essential pieces you should always have inside your closet.

Wool Coats

Wool coats are a must-have item for the long and chilly winter months. Instead of choosing black, go for something colorful. You can go for brightly colored ones and plaid designs. Rather than waterproof jackets, choose wool coats with a shaped waist for a better-looking coat. The knee-length coats are very classy and elegant and can suit any body type.


You can use cardigans for layering. They come in various styles and designs — they can be hooded and embellished with patches, crocheted designs or embroideries. You can choose wool or cashmere fabric to keep you warm during winter. These ensembles are a crucial part of any wardrobe, as they make for a very feminine look. Cardigans are truly a versatile piece and can be worn with a jacket, blouse, or dress of your choice. 

Thick Sweaters

Thick sweaters can be your best friend during the cold months. You can buy as many and hoard in various cuts, colors, and designs. Choose natural fabrics over synthetic types. For those who are curvy, go for something figure-hugging for a snug fit. You can buy cable-knit sweaters from your favorite store, or you can buy one designer mohair or cashmere that you can use for years.


Winter clothes

This is one of the often-overlooked items in a woman’s wardrobe. A great pair of winter gloves or mittens will keep your hands warm and protected at all times. Find the best gloves that will match you perfectly. Overly tight or too loose mittens can surely cause some issues with blood circulation and will not keep your hands very warm. Look for snug-fitting riding gloves, long leather gloves, knitted mittens, and muffs. The best pick is the black leather gloves since you can use them on either rugged or formal occasions.

Black Trousers

Every woman needs a trusty pair of trousers that is very classic and versatile, which you can wear on almost all occasions. Women’s pants from Bogner, for example, can go well with any kind of clothes and can hide all imperfections surrounding your legs. 

Choose a pair of trousers with thick or chunky material like wool, which you can wear over some tights for layering and added warmth. Leather trousers can be a perfect option for the avant-garde woman, but make sure that it is lined for sweating. High-waist trousers are crucial to ensure your lower back is kept toasty during the cold winter season. 

Make sure to buy high-quality winter clothing that your budget will allow. More importantly, look for staples to add to your wardrobe and make sure that they can be mixed and matched to create different looks for various occasions. Stay warm and protected this winter season.


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