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London’s Student Accommodation Has Not Fallen

In the year 2018 and 2019, London was ranked as the world's number one city for students. The city harbors young academics from all of the United Kingdom, European Union countries and other international students. But, it is undeniable that studying in London is costly. Suffice to say that it is in a bracket of its own compared to other cities in the UK. Student accommodation in London has become a problem due to the high number of students in the city.

Nevertheless, the concentration of world-class universities, social opportunities, professionals, and the startling cultural confluence, has made studying in London be worth every penny. As a student in London, affordable accommodation is not just a requirement, it is a matter of survival. They include:

House Rent and Other Costs

As you plan to move into an apartment, don't just concentrate on the rent alone, think of various associated costs. Think about the amount you will require to get you through student life. Costs on clothes, study materials, food, social life, transport, and other house bills should be well calculated. Secondly, check if you will be required to pay council tax, which is often collected by local authorities. The council tax is commonly used by the local authorities to provide local services, rubbish collection, and social services. Insurance is another cost that will be incurred. Students are ever advised to ensure their belongings are protected through insurance. Most private houses include insurance costs in the rent. It's also prudent to check if the housing policy of the place recommends for a guarantor for the tenant. Mostly, guarantors are responsible for paying any pending rent or bills not made by the tenant, if the tenant decides not to pay.

Location of the Building

Mostly, you may prefer living close to your place of study, but this may not always be the best choice. When living in large cities like London, you may need to balance the costs incurred, the quality offered, and the convenience of the place you are renting. Living near the campus is cool, but it's essential to check that the locality provides you with what you need and want. Some of these include shops, friends living nearby and places for meeting out friends to socialize. Secondly, about the location of the building, look at the transport links to the area and the costs incurred. This consideration is vital if the housing is not close to your place of study or the places that you will visit frequently. You may find it better living far away from the area of study due to the cheaper rent, but ensure that the travel costs do not outweigh your savings on rent.

The Building

Looking deep into what the building offers for its tenants will enable you to make the right decision on whether you will move into it or not. Under this, check if the kitchen, the living space, washrooms, and study areas are shared or not. These are the areas that will directly affect both your privacy and social life. Ensure that they meet your expectations. Secondly, check if the building has a mixture of people or if they are only people who share a common feature.

University housing and other houses accommodating students within a university are usually booked in advance. However, there are housing companies that offer students houses to rent, nearby or far away from the university. These companies may or may not work with the institutions. It is essential to read and be conversant with the housing policies and law requirements before moving into a house.

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