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Back Pain Diaries: Small Lifestyle Changes That Have Big Impacts

If you’re one of the many adults who suffer from back pain and other unexplainable aches, welcome to the club! Whether you got the pain from bone disorders or because you’ve spent one too many hours hunched back over your desk job, then you are no stranger to the discomfort that a lot of people can relate to.

Yet despite knowing that you may have deeper health problems, you continue to treat this pain as minor discomforts that will go away after taking ibuprofen. You should know that apart from taking medications, there are several natural ways you can remedy that pain, but it will require you to say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle that may very well be the root cause of your aches.

Time to Get Physical

Staying active and on the move is one of the quickest ways to get rid of lower and upper back pain or rusty joints. Staying in one position for too long puts pressure on the spine, thereby resulting in aches that are hard to shake.

Adhering to an exercise routine at least once or twice a week is also better than no movements at all. Weight gain is one of the most common reasons people who originally had no problems with their back tend to have pain later on. But make sure that your exercise regimen does not cause you other problems in the long run.

For instance, people who suffer from specific conditions, such as slipped discs and scoliosis, can’t do just any routines they find online. They should focus on workouts that help their scoliosis, not worsen it by doing the wrong exercises. The best way to go from there is to consult materials available online or through medical advice.

Good Posture

Maintaining good posture may seem like an easy task, but it’s complicated when you’re used to slouching and having bad posture. Besides, good posture is more than just avoiding slouching and a hunched bask; it also means not putting all your weight on one leg, rounding your shoulders, or poking your chin out.

There are several ways to correct your posture. But before you go and discover ways to fix them, you first have to identify which parts you’re going to correct. For instance, if you have a habit of focusing all your weight on your leg when standing up for too long, you’re creating unnecessary pressure on your pelvis, which can cause lower back pain.

Maintaining good posture is a conscious movement, one that you can’t neglect unless you want to fall back on your old ways. Like other bad habits, you have to slowly progress from bad posture to good; that way, you’re subconsciously training your body to grow with the process instead of forcing your body to adapt to the awkward transition.

A Good Night’s Sleep


When you’re too busy that the option to sleep soundly becomes a luxury, chances are that you’re battling body pain on a daily basis. People often forego a good night’s sleep in the name of work or social interactions.

These are the same people who can run on three cups of coffee and a few hours of sleep, which isn’t enough time to recover from the fatigue of yesterday. Having a well-rested sleep is vital to allow your body to recuperate, but if you disregard that process, you’ll end up with a sore body that aches all over.

Another important factor to becoming well-rested is finding the right kind of mattress. A lot of people don’t know that there are specific kinds of mattresses, each one addressing certain issues. For instance, a medium-firm mattress is good for people with back conditions because this can offer them comfort as well as support. A mattress that is too soft can likely worsen their conditions because this type of mattress offers no support whatsoever.

Once you do all these little changes, you may notice that your back pain and body aches are tremendously lessened compared to when you made no effort to stay active and fit or fix your posture, as well as when you had the wrong type of bed.

There are several other ways that you can use to ease your chronic back pain without surgery or medication. But with these simple lifestyle modifications, you are sure to notice immediate changes in the way you carry yourself. Who knows, you might catch yourself the next time you’re slouching and sit with your back straight without anyone telling you to do so.

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