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Entertain with Style in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a new trend in the fanciest of homes. They are almost synonymous with opulent living — but almost anyone can get an outdoor kitchen in their own backyard.

Why an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen will seemingly extend the dimensions of your house by more than double — especially when entertaining guests. You can make full use of your backyard to host friends and family, creating a more intimate setting without being too informal. Outdoor kitchens also free up space inside the house while also preventing children and pets from meeting accidents when you are cooking. Although a bit of investment is necessary, an outdoor kitchen will increase your home’s property value by around 120 percent of the cost you invest in it.

Lay the Foundation

Proper flooring is essential for a proper outdoor kitchen — no matter how clean your lawn, having soil underfoot isn’t exactly conducive when preparing meals. Stone or ceramic tiles can be good if it matches your house or the location — however, wooden decking is a better alternative. Wooden decking delineates your kitchen from the yard, creating an illusion of space as well as creating a more hygienic place to prepare your meals.

A clear border also makes it feel as if you are inside the house instead of in a normal backyard. Tiles and ceramics can blend into the background and are far less impressive than an actual deck. Wood also appears warmer and more elegant than stone or ceramic, and it provides a less slippery surface in case a guest spills his/her drinks. If you plan on hosting guests during the daytime, it would be best to add a patio to your decking for a bit of protection from the sun.

grill outside

Get More Than Just Grills

A single grill doesn’t make an outdoor kitchen. Most outdoor kitchens allow you to cook the most delectable of meals — functioning like the kitchen in your house. An oven and a stove are the most basic necessities — but you can include a smoker, a refrigerator, and a few cabinets to make your outdoor kitchen feel like the one in your home. If you plan on hosting a lot of people, induction cooktops can make things a lot easier — the lack of flames makes them safer, minimizing accidents that come with rowdy gatherings.

Induction cooktops are also more efficient — cutting your prep times significantly while also making clean-up easy. Viking ranges are an excellent option — they are waterproof and weatherproof, and high-quality parts and replacements are readily available. Add a few kitchen islands to make your work easier and your outdoor kitchen should be ready for cooking in no time.

Set the Mood

Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining guests — especially if you make the effort to create the right ambiance. Decorative lighting should easily set the tone of the evening, and they can be easily put up and taken down with ease. Opt for dim or colored lights, as they provide a more intimate atmosphere that encourages conversation. Install speakers in strategic places for music, but stick to mellow and light tunes so your neighbors don’t complain.

If it fits your backyard (design-wise), a firepit is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. A blazing fire will easily attract the attention of your guests and you can further enhance the effect with colored fire glass that can make the night more magical.

If you’ve had enough of the isolation of 2020 and plan to entertain a lot of guests this year — an outdoor kitchen is a great option. Throw the best parties and make your house the talk of the town while strengthening your ties with family and friends.

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