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Facts About Technology You Might not Know

Have you always been keen on the latest and trivia about technology? Indeed, it has brought so much change to the world.

It’s present in every aspect of our lives. For instance, in the past, long-distance interaction was only possible through mails. But as technology got more sophisticated, communication can now be done face to face without having to meet up in person.

In terms of household chores, they have become more convenient. There’s a dishwasher, washing machine, and gas stove that make things easier. Not to forget the automatic heating system that increases the temperature when you’re home and lowers it when you’re out. If you ever have a problem, a heating repair service can easily fix it!

But just like any other invention, technology also has a downside. If not used properly, it can disconnect people as much as it can connect them. People can get so absorbed into their smartphones that they forget social interaction. Instead of noticing their surroundings when they are on a trip, they become busy taking photos just so they can post them on social media.

How a person maximizes technology still depends on them, though. But it’s undeniable that technology has been fascinating, so here are some fun facts you might want to know.

Computers are powerful but the human brain is more powerful

The world’s largest single memory computer holds 160TB storage, allowing it to process approximately 160 million books at a time. Average laptops and desktops come with 8GB, which can hold 3,000 photos. Upgrade it to 32GB and it becomes 8,000.

But did you know that your brain holds more storage? Experts say that it contains 200 billion neurons which are equivalent to around 2.5 petabyte or a million gigabytes. A storage that big requires 10,814 football fields, but a human brain is only about 15 cm.

Isn’t it amazing that a body part that small can hold so much storage? It’s no surprise that we don’t crash even though we are bombarded with thousands of new information day after day.

China has the highest number of Internet users

Statistics show that only about 45 percent of China’s population are using the internet. Despite that, they remain the country with the most internet users with approximately 854 million. India ranks second, followed by the United States.

Research says the Chinese spend 70 percent of their time on mobile phones streaming music, messaging and watching videos online.

350,000 malware are detected every day

data privacy

Does that statistic surprise you? Malware remains the leading cause of identity theft and unauthorized transactions. Once it has infected your computer or smartphone, it only takes a few seconds before your sensitive information gets compromised.

The number is no joke. AV-TEST Institute, an independent IT company in Germany, registers 350,000 malware each day. So, don’t take it easy and say, “Well, it hasn’t happened to me.” You’ll never know.

Just a few days ago, my aunt lost her hard-earned money to unauthorized transactions, which she only realized after withdrawing from an ATM. The bank is already investigating the incident, but it will take a while before she can get her money back. Installing anti-malware and updating your software are important to prevent viruses. is the first domain ever registered

It wasn’t the first domain created, but it was the first to be registered on March 15, 1985, making it the oldest domain in the world.

Originally, Symbolics started the internet- that’s because 180,000,000 registrations followed soon after. Since then, the World Wide Web has become active. Symbolics was also the one behind the manufacturing of single-user computers and Lisp machines designed to run programming languages. Today, the domain is owned by which is based in Missouri. The page is still available and has thousands of visits each year.

Gangnam Style was the first video that hit a billion views on YouTube

It is the Korean song popularized by Psy in 2012. The video earned an average of 38 million views per day until it reached 7 billion. The song was that famous that even Ellen DeGeneres invited Psy to her show. He taught her and Britney Spears the dance moves.

But “Baby,” Justin Bieber’s song earned a total of 10 billion views, surpassing it in 2015. Gangnam Style is still on the list of the most viewed YouTube videos, but “Baby Shark” currently holds the number one spot.

There you have it! Some interesting facts about technology.

P.S. Did you know that Google was named after the word Googol? It means 1 followed by 100 zeroes, representing unlimited information on the search engine.

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