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5 Design Solutions for Blank Corners in the Living Room Space

So, you have an expansive blank wall staring back at you at a corner or several corners of the living room area, and you barely have an idea how to fill it in. Leaving it blank is simply not an option if you want to make your living room look more inviting. There are numerous bright design solutions that will allow you to fill out bare corners in a stylish way. Here are some of them:

Get a console table

A console table is not like any other table in the house. It has its own character and its own set of applications. A living room spot with an expanse of blank wall would look livelier if you add a console table from Singapore in it. It can essentially fill in the empty spot and in a useful way. You can use the top of the table to house your family memorabilia, milestone photographs, trinkets, and other display elements, while stuffing the table drawers with items that need to be hidden but kept accessible, like a copy of your home keys, billing statements. You may also put a couple of trays underneath as additional shelving for such things as books and magazines among others.

Add a seating option

There are a number of chair designs that you may install in an empty living room corner to make it functional as it is stylish. For one, you may turn that corner into a reading nook by adding a comfy chair complete with a floor lamp to provide generous lighting when it is not sunlit. For another, you may involve the window into your décor and add a window seat with some cosy cushions. If you do either of the two, you will instantly make your previously blank corner into one of your living room’s biggest feature.

Place an oversized item

There are a variety of things that you could add to a blank living room wall without making it look crowded. You can opt to have an oversized clock, a mirror, an artwork, or even a rug that will serve as a tapestry will surely work.

Build a shelf

Shelving is another effective solution to fill out an empty living room wall. You can have a shelf customised according to the size, dimension, and style that you need. And you can put a lot of things in it – flower vases, faux plants, blocks, books, and other home décor items that you might find.

Create a plate wall art

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Plates that are available in different designs, sizes, and patterns would easily make up an impressive art if you allow your creative self to take over. You may also substitute plates with coloured wood slabs, cork trivets, and framed gift bags. Or, you may also turn the blank wall into your family wall and add a collage of photos in choice frames.

There is no need to stress about a blank wall in your living room area. You can always find a design solution that will fill it in efficiently and in amazing style. Just be creative and you will easily find the right home décor item or furniture to liven it up.

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