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How to Get Your Body Confidence Back After Giving Birth

So, you’re done with the birth and now you’ve got a new bundle of joy cooing at you. Yes, it’s pretty amazing but let’s be honest, the changes can be overwhelming. First, there’s the schedule of the baby to think about — your nights of sleeping are pretty much over. Then, there’s the matter of your body. Emotional changes are one thing since you can get the support of your friends and family for that, but what about the physical changes?

Let’s look at some of the ways you can feel good about yourself again after you’ve been literally tugged, pulled, and stretched out all over.

  1. Consider taking up yoga, or any other form of gentle exercise that you are particularly interested in. Walking, dancing, or swimming are all awesome options. Exercise has so many benefits especially for a new mom who needs a bit of a stabilizing routine in her life. Not only does it make you feel good instantly through endorphins, but it will also soothe tired and stressed muscles from taking care of the baby. Don’t have the time? Ask your husband or a friend for a little help taking care of the baby while you have a few moments for exercise. Thirty minutes is all you really do.

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  1. Up the self-affirmations. It’s easy to let yourself go after the baby has come out of you. Because of the sleepless nights, breastfeeding and never-ending diaper changes, you will barely have time to look at yourself in the mirror. But this is the time that you must. Even only to tell yourself that you look beautiful, that you are doing great, that you are an awesome mom. Your internal dialogue with yourself is important to give you a good boost of energy. Because even if there is simply no time for a beauty nap, you always have time for a pep talk with yourself.

    1. Consider getting professional help. There is nothing wrong with going to a medical spa to get that body and self-confidence back. There are a number of plastic surgeons who specialize in postpartum body augmentation such as the clinic that offers a mommy makeover in Utah . Every penny you spend on yourself is worth it because the more value you give yourself, the more you will be able to give value to your baby and your family.

    1. Make time for me-time. This is probably the most important step of them all. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the whole baby caring routine; you lose sight of who you are before you gave birth. While the idea of totally giving your entire self to the care of your baby may sound praise-worthy, you are actually setting yourself up for disaster. Making time for yourself to do the things you like is not only important, it is necessary to be able to carry on taking care of your baby. Some popular me-time routines are having a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, making time to read, getting pampered at a spa, or simply taking time out for a long and leisurely walk.

    It’s easy to feel self-conscious and insecure as a new mother, especially with society having so much of their own ideas that they want to feed into your head. That’s why it’s important never to lose ground of yourself with these post-baby self-care tips.

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