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Working Out: What to Expect When You Start

Truth be told, staying fit isn’t as easy as grabbing a bag of chips and a can of soda from your favorite convenience store’s shelves—but reaping the consequences of poor eating habits is even harder.

Fortunately, working out is becoming increasingly accessible. They can be done without the need to sign up and pay for a gym membership—which you’re not sure you’ll even be able to utilize.

Today, we have physical trainers on YouTube showing us elaborate workouts that can take as quick as 15 minutes of our time. With how easy it is to get into working out even at home, what can we expect from it?

1. Soreness

If your muscles remain relaxed for a long time—or without exercise, you aren’t used to the after-workout sore that comes with your first few days of getting into the routine. You may feel sore and ache in your back, legs, and arms. It’s unnecessary to get muscle pain relief if the feeling isn’t making you twist in agony.

Soreness happens because your muscles create small tears when you put them under stress—good ones—whenever you do your work out routines. The part of the process that makes your muscles leaner is when the tissues repair the muscles. That’s because after the repairing process—when the muscle is at its sore state—they become stronger.

After working out, soreness and aches are common among people who work out, veterans or newbies. But it can feel even more painful when your muscles aren’t used to the stress of working out.

2. Increase in energy levels

At the beginning of your routines, you’ll feel like every movement is sucking all the energy out of you. The reason behind this is that—again—your body isn’t used to the stress you’re putting it under through working out.

If your body is not used to spending that much energy at a single go, you’ll feel like working out is hell. But worry not. As you ease further into a workout routine, your body will begin to adjust and be adaptable to the routines you choose to do during your workout days.

The best way to continuously increase your energy levels is to ease into a workout and gradually increase the intensity the longer you do it. Not only will your muscles get used to the routines, but your body will also be able to handle more intense and longer workout sessions.

3. Better sleep

man sleeping

As the body’s recovery phase happens during sleep, you should be getting adequate amounts to ensure that your body recovers from the strenuous routines. Working during appropriate times of the day—long before bedtime—is recommended not to disrupt your sleep.

As working out boosts your energy levels, you may find it difficult to fall asleep if your hormones are on the loose after a good evening workout. Not getting good sleep will prevent you from working out efficiently—or even totally—the next day.

4. Hunger

Alright, it’s completely normal to feel hunger. But when you start easing into a workout, your body was never used to it in the first place. You’ll feel the urge to eat more. The reason behind this is that your body is not used to burning that many calories as it used to, and it’s completely natural for it to want to refuel—which results in feelings of hunger.

Truthfully, it’s all in your head. Of course, you can fill up, but make sure you do it with healthy options that will make your workout routines nonsensical.

5. Bad skin

Now, this may sound less than ideal if you’re someone wanting to get into exercising. But trust us, it’s completely avoidable. As you sweat significantly more when you work out, the perspiration after working out turns into the ideal place for bacterial buildup. We all know that’s one of the origins of acne.

It can happen through touching your face during and after working out, using a towel repeatedly—don’t do that—and waiting a long time to shower after working out. By doing those things, you create a perfect environment for bacteria to form and multiply. It can cause a lot of unwanted skin conditions.

To avoid getting bad skin as you work out, make sure to reduce the number of times you touch your face, use new towels, and wash up as soon as you can after your routine.
There is a lot you can expect when you start working out. A better-looking and -feeling body, improved mood, better stress handling, and many more. As all our bodies differ, it may have an effect on you that’s unique to your body alone. To find out, make sure you do your routines correctly.

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