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Best Home Improvement Ideas to Try This Winter

For those living in temperate zones, winter is synonymous with hibernation as people avoid the dark, wet, and cold surroundings outside. Moreover, as COVID-19 cases surged to more than 100,000 early this November, people are all the more likely to stay home and avoid crowded places.

With this in mind, you can actually make your winter indoor stay more productive instead of lounging on the couch all day, binge-watching on Netflix. It may be surprising, but winter is in fact the best time to start doing indoor home improvement projects.

Most people think DIY home renovation projects are only for the spring and summer months. However, there are plenty of easy home improvements you could try while staying at home throughout this winter. Check out this list of ideal home improvement projects for this season.

7 Home Improvements to Try This Winter

Fresh Coat of Paint

It has been months already that you are deep into quarantining and remote working. Whether you admit it or not, you also have spent some time staring at your neutral colored walls now and then. With days going shorter during winter, it can be depressing at times. So to prevent that, why not repaint your walls to brighten your mood?

It is highly suggested to schedule your indoor repaint during winter as you need more visual stimulants at that time. With trees bare and everything covered in white outside, you would need some colors. Opt for cheerful tones like yellow, turquoise, and soft green. If you are bad with brushes, consider hiring a residential or commercial painting contractor to do the job for you.

Revamp Your Floors

Does your hardwood floor keep freezing your feet during winter? Or, is your living room carpet threadbare? Then consider putting in a carpet to increase the warmth and comfort inside your house. Just the sight of a carpeted floor instantly makes the room feel cozier.

To avoid inhaling toxic fumes from your new carpet, make sure to widen your windows during installation. You may even ask your carpet retailer to air out your purchased carpet for about a week before having it installed in your home. And if you don’t like carpets, there are plenty of other options, like laminate.

Deep Clean

A lot of people are crazy about spring cleaning, but actually, the deep winter months are the best time to tackle decluttering. Doing so allows you more time to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. It also gives you more time to focus on other spring projects, such as gardening.

It can be overwhelming if you plan on immediately cleaning the entire house at once. Instead, start small and go slow. Do not put pressure on yourself. Focus on one corner or one room before proceeding to the next. Eventually, you will see your efforts in full bloom.

Check Insulation

house under construction

Tackling home insulation may not sound exciting, but it has a lot of benefits that go beyond the cold winter months. Ensuring your home is well-insulated helps lower utility bills, makes your home more eco-friendly, and helps you stay cozy during winter.

Check your attic, basement, and crawlspace to make sure there are no gaps, holes, or any damages that could lead to heat loss.

Exterior pipes should also be wrapped with foam insulation to prevent water from freezing. Pipes could burst or crack when water freezes inside them. Furthermore, it is way more expensive to have pipes fixed than simply buying a few tubes for insulation.

Switch to Energy-Saving Appliances

With plenty of holiday sales going on, perhaps now is the best time to update your home appliances. Switch out old models and replace them with Energy Star certified appliances. Although these items can be expensive, the money you will save on electric bills will offset its cost.

Upgrade Light Fixtures

Lighting can easily change the atmosphere of a room. You can instantly transform a dim, cold indoor space into something bright, warm, and inviting. Although simple replacements such as changing the lampshade could be done by yourself, you would need an electrician to do the job for you if you plan on changing the fixtures or adding new light.

Redo Your Bathroom

Bathroom revamping could be as easy as doing a deep cleaning to it. Clean off mildew, stains, and other dirt using organic cleaning products. You could add a new bathroom vanity you score on a local Home Depot. And, if you opt to have your toilet or tiles replaced, you should hand it over to professionals.

Any of these easy winter home renovation projects are worth it. Not only would it keep you active during the winter months, but could also add significant value to your home if you plan on selling it.


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