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A Typical Home Energy Audit in Salt Lake City May Cost $290

Utah may have the second-cheapest average monthly electric bill in the U.S. at 10.45 cents per kWh, but households tend to pay different prices based on their energy consumption.

A residential energy audit can further reduce your expenses by knowing the biggest culprits for poor insulation, air quality, and room temperature. In fact, an assessment may provide up to 30% of energy savings when properly done by a licensed electrician. In Salt Lake City, it usually costs $290 to perform an energy audit depending on its scope.

Types of Audits

The three common types of audits comprise the standard assessment, standard with blower door, and standard with blower door and infrared tests. Contractors often base their rates from the size of your home. A 1,200-square-foot house, for instance, may cost from $100 to $150. Audits for properties with up to 5,000 square feet can reach up to $300.

Standard audits usually range between eight cents per square foot and 12 cents per square foot, but some contractors may charge a flat rate even if you own a smaller house or apartment. You should expect a standard audit to take up to three hours. Mid- to high-level audits usually last for up to six hours and may range from to 12 cents per square foot to 50 cents per square foot.

Coverage of Service

Standard audits only require a professional to walk through your home and check walls, foundation, roofing, and HVAC system. They may also check appliances, doors, windows and other fixtures inside the house. On the other hand, advanced assessments include the tasks from simple audits plus several tests. Auditors use blower doors for mid- and high-level audits to know the extent of leaks that cause heated air loss.

However, tests such as infrared scanning will be only available with a high-level audit. The process refers to the technique of using special equipment to find where thermal heat loss occurs in your house. You can also choose an audit that will find possible leaks in ductwork and signs of moisture.

Different Certifications

commercial building

An auditor’s certification also affects the actual price of an audit. Some of the common credentials include the Building Performance Institute (BPI) certificate. You don’t necessarily need to hire an electrician with any certification, although it helps to prove their competence for the required audit.

For instance, a BPI-certified electrician has completed at least 1,000 hours of work experience in an auditor role, more than 2,000 hours of experience in other tasks and 80 hours of industry training. If you decide to hire one in Salt Lake City, you should be ready to spend more than the average amount for an energy audit.

You may think energy audits aren’t necessary when you already follow practical tips for saving electricity. However, a licensed electrician in Salt Lake City will likely know more about other long-term ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Find out a fair price estimate for an audit by asking for rates from at least three different contractors.

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