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Why Americans Move to New Cities

High taxes, the high cost of living, rising crime, and uncontrolled drug use are some of the reasons why Americans are relocating to other states. Here are the countries where people are moving out and the states they’re moving to.


1. New York

More than 180,000 people fled New York for greener pastures. However, even with that loss, the city is still overcrowded. With only 300 square miles, New York City is home to more than 8 million people. That number of people have driven rent costs and property costs through the roof; a single bedroom apartment in New York can cost around $3,000. The state might have some of the best welfare packages, but it is shouldered by the high taxes leveled against residents and shadows of corruption in its officials.

2. Illinois

Around 114,000 people left Illinois the past year, with the majority of them citing employment reasons. There are very few job openings in the state, and if you do have a job, the state takes a big chunk of your earnings. Aside from an income tax, the country has passed a gas tax amounting to 38 cents per gallon of gasoline and 45 cents per gallon of diesel.

chicago and lake michigan

3. California

California is one of the wealthiest states in the nation boasting an economy that would rank as the 5th of the world’s largest. Its GDP is higher than that of the UK, France, or Canada. However, California is also the most impoverished nation in the USA, the one with the most debt and the most people living in the streets. With close to 150,000 homeless citizens, the state accounts for 25 percent of the homeless population in the whole nation. High taxes, expensive housing, and shit and needles on the street have driven 130,000 out of the state, and 60 percent of residents have considered leaving.

Moving to…

1. Florida

Florida is a popular destination for retirees, but moving companies in South Florida have also reported a good number of younger professionals. The state attracted close to 150,000 new residents over the past year — 80,000 of whom were seniors. Aside from the warm weather, the state imposes no income tax, housing costs are relatively low, and renting an apartment only costs around $700.

2. Arizona

Another popular destination for retirees is Arizona. The warm weather, coupled with the low cost of living, has attracted close to 100,000 people annually. With a strong economy (10th in the nation), the state has also attracted businesses and young professionals.

3. North Carolina

Jobs and opportunities abound in North Carolina. The cost of living and housing is lower than the national average, and Forbes listed the state as one of the best places for businesses and careers. You still experience four seasons, but the weather is mild, letting you enjoy the great outdoors all-year-round.

Certain government policies result in high taxes, corruption, and higher costs of living. Many Americans are fleeing their states and moving to more fiscally conservative ones.

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