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Want to Live a Better Life? Then Stop Living a Life Full of Excuses

How many excuses do you make in a day? Here’s why you should put an end to your excuses and ways to stop this from ruining your life.

Many people are obsessed with living a life full of excuses. Question someone about their certain life decisions and instead of reasons, you will hear various excuses. But what most of us fail to realize is that excuses can be unhealthy especially if we overuse it.

When was the last time you procrastinated? Why is it that some of us fail to push through with our New Year’s resolutions? Why are some people comfortable with getting dental implants while others who are not afraid of dental professionals can’t even make time for a dental appointment? While some of us have legitimate reasons for our life problems, most are simply full of excuses.

Why it makes sense to stop making excuses

Excuses are just one’s attempt to justify their decisions. No one can truthfully say they never used an excuse to dodge a sensitive question or even a tricky situation. But by forcing yourself to live a life with fewer excuses, you can achieve more and start improving your life.

If you are familiar with George Washington Carver, then you already know him for his infamous quotes. He once said that the habit of making excuses account for 99% of people’s failure. This means most people fail to achieve their life goals because they are full of excuses.

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If you want to achieve something, then it is time to stop yourself from making endless excuses and start doing something about it. Let’s say you are sick of your old job and want to grab a better opportunity. But if you continuously make excuses like telling yourself you can’t do it and you are afraid to go out of your comfort zone, nothing will happen. It won’t be an easy journey, but you will learn soon enough that saying goodbye to excuses will transform your life for the better.

How to say goodbye to constant excuses

The first thing one needs to do to stop endless excuses is by asking yourself your reasons for making excuses in the first place. Is it because of your fear of the unknown or maybe you don’t like to face rejection? Maybe you’ve become too dependent on others that you don’t want to make decisions on your own? Or maybe it is because you lack motivation or is self-doubting. Ask yourself why you like making excuses and you will find it easier to address the issue first-hand.

Next, get out of “The Comparison Trap.” Many of us tend to compare ourselves and our lives with others. While some of us this to motivate themselves to achieve more, if not the same success, most of us tend to feel bitter and make random excuses as to why others are in a better position. Instead of feeling envy and wallowing in negativity, use this to motivate yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

Lastly, stop self-doubting and start believing in yourself. Research shows that self-criticism is bad for your health. It can lead to depression and physical conditions, among many others. Don’t be your worst critique and start believing in yourself.

It can be hard to stop yourself from hiding from excuses. But letting go of such a negative habit can transform your life in more ways than one. As time passes by, you will realize that excuses won’t help you progress. If you really want to enjoy a life-changing experience, put a stop to your unlimited excuses.

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