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To Repair or Replace (Your Refrigerator) — That Is the Question

The refrigerator is perhaps one of the most important inventions of humanity. Without it, we cannot form ice. We cannot drink cool drinks. We cannot store meat and other foods so it won’t get spoiled easily.

In other words, the refrigerator is an important part of everyone’s lives, whether for home or commercial use. For one thing, buying one does not come cheap, and so is refrigerator repair. If you are based in Salt Lake City, you can go to repair shops.

Refrigerators are made to last for years. But at some point, it will eventually deteriorate depending on how old it is and how often you use it.

How long is the average refrigerator’s lifespan?

Just like human life, appliances such as refrigerators also won’t last forever. It will also break down at some point. On average, a refrigerator can last anywhere between 14 and17 years depending on its size and model type.

You can help prolong its usage through proper maintenance and care. Then again, defects and damages are inevitable, which needs immediate repair. Depending on the damage level, the question is whether you should have it repaired or replace it with a new unit instead.

Repair or replace?

man repairing broken refrigerator

Most of us cannot live without a refrigerator, especially those who heavily rely on it for their business. So if you find a problem on your refrigerator, you won’t have second thoughts to address it as soon as possible. There are some issues that can be fixed, but some may be a major problem that may not be easily repaired.

Some problems may be due to the following, and only considered minor that can be easily fixed:

  • If ice isn’t forming, check if the ice maker is turned off. Turn it on instead.
  • If the refrigerator is not getting cool enough, check whether the food items are not blocking the air ducts.
  • Clean and vacuum the coils of any dust and hair that are clogged in it.
  • Make sure the refrigerator is plugged properly.

However, if the refrigerator problem is still not solved after following the above tips, you may consider replacing the unit instead. Among signs that it’s time to replace include:

  • An overheating motor
  • The freezer is running too cold, and too much frost appear
  • Presence of water puddles around the unit
  • Produces a loud buzzing sound
  • Presence of excessive condensation outside the refrigerator

Whether it is time to replace a refrigerator also depends on the model type and age. For example, built-in refrigerators can still be repaired and have replaceable parts. On the other hand, top freezers can be repaired within three years and should be replaced if it is already seven years old and above.

Meanwhile, bottom freezers are still repairable within seven years and should be replaced beyond that. Side-by-side refrigerators can still be repaired within five years of its life and may need replacement beyond that.

However, make sure to check the unit’s warranty policy first before you consider it for repair or replacement. Also, if your unit is already too old that it contributes to high energy bills, it might be time to buy a new refrigerator that is also energy-efficient. A refrigerator is an important investment, and the above tips will help you save money whether you choose to repair or replace it instead.

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