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Fire Damage Repair Can Cost $2,150

The average cost of fire damage restoration in Salt Lake City can reach around $2,150 in 2019. The actual price will vary among homeowners based on certain factors.

Restoration work for partial damage, which means only a specific part of the house caught fire, can cost within the average rate in the city. The cost of materials can range from $10 per square foot to $11 per square foot. On the other hand, a full-house restoration will significantly cost more. The nationwide average for this year costs almost $12,480.

Determine Out-of-pocket Expenses

You should call your insurance company and ask if your policy can cover the expenses from fire damage. Do this before looking for any restoration company because you need to determine the cost of out-of-pocket expenses. Insurers may not cover the costs when fire damage happened because of neglect on your part. A faulty electrical system or leaving a lit candle unattended comprise some of the examples.

Your insurer can also have specific criteria for choosing a licensed professional for restoration work. Some policies can pay for your perishable food and living expenses. If your car were in the garage during the fire, you would need to file a separate claim for the auto insurance provider. Once you recover from the wreck, it’s a good idea to review your policy and update its coverage.

Restoration vs. Repair

Restoration and repair share many similarities but have particular distinctions. As an example, a house that needs fire damage restoration in Salt Lake City means that it was burnt to the ground. There are times when both repairs and restoration are necessary. Let’s say your kitchen caught fire without affecting other parts of the house.

You might need to restore that area by rebuilding it while repairing adjoining parts to prevent further problems. Mold can appear on burnt carpets and floors after being doused with water. You can spend at least $1,000 just for mold remediation. Watch out for dry and oily soot as well. The contractor must eliminate them during the restoration.

How Can You Avoid a House Fire?

fire extinguisher

Preventive maintenance will always cost less than fire damage restoration or repair. Conduct regular inspections of electrical systems and keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible area for emergencies. A fire safety home kit only costs $35. You can also spend around $10 for a basic smoke detector unit. More sophisticated units will cost from $650 to $950 depending on the features.

Some insurance providers believe that an in-house sprinkler system at home can minimize fire damage by up to 90%. The average rate of installation per square foot costs around $1.5, but shop around for different models to find out the best one for your home.

Fire damage restoration has a hefty price. Don’t skimp on the price even when your insurance won’t cover the expenses. Look for a restoration specialist in any disaster or accident. You should consult at least three different contractors for quotes to compare rates and services.

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