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Things You Cannot DIY

The do-it-yourself culture continues to thrive. And according to an article from the Science Museum, DIY culture is more about a state of mind than a set of practical skills. And it’s not a new trend brought about by the advent of the internet either. In fact, its roots can be traced back to the 50s.

A lot of things happened in the 50s that triggered the boom of DIY. The Second World War caused a scarcity of essential products, which led people to improvise. Then homeownership became a thing. Shorter work hours were mandated, giving people more time to pursue other stuff.

Then came the internet. YouTube videos on how to make whatever needs making are a dime a dozen. Surely you have DIY-ed something at least once, inspired by those videos. But there are things you can’t do yourself, such as the following.

Roof repair

If you slipped down your slanting roof and cracked a few bones upon landing on your garage, you’re in for a jaw-dropping medical bill. With that said, doing your own roof repair won’t be worth it. Thankfully, roofing contractors are easy to find. So trust them with the job. Think of it as your chance to support someone else’s livelihood.

Swimming pool installation

You have probably seen one of those popular YouTube videos of men building swimming pools from scratch, and often alone. Those videos have millions of views. Surely, someone is raking in significant YouTube earnings from those videos.

Do not get duped into thinking that you can pull off such a feat as well. At the risk of sounding cynical, let’s point out that those videos probably have a large production team behind them. They’re cashing in on a trend.

If you want to build a swimming pool, contact a service provider. That is unless you are ready to quit your job and prove us wrong.

Viral wedding proposal

holding wedding ring and gift box

There was a time, not very long ago, when viral wedding proposals were a thing. They have been out of the public consciousness for a while, replaced by viral gender reveals. Maybe you’re about to put a ring on your girlfriend’s finger. Maybe you’re thinking about resuscitating a comatose trend.

Well, there’s no stopping you. But keep in mind you need the help of many people to pull off something grand and memorable and share-worthy. You cannot do it yourself.

Putting up your first business

Contrary to popular belief, Mark Zuckerberg did not create Facebook all by himself. He got help from friends whom he had to screw over at some point. Or at least that’s what you get from watching David Fincher’s The Social Network.

Regardless of that movie’s veracity, at least it’s on-point when it comes to a universal lesson in business. You cannot put up a business all by yourself. You need the help of many people no matter how big of a genius you deem yourself to be.


Self-diagnosis is dangerous. The hours you spent reading psychology takes on Twitter does not make you an expert in psychotherapy. If you’re having psychological problems, talk to a professional. Do not do what De Niro’s character did in Raging Bull. It’s not enough that you confront yourself in the mirror.

Doing things yourself speaks of your autonomy. And there’s nothing inherently wrong about that. But sometimes, you need to accept within yourself that you need extra hands to pull off whatever it is you are trying to pull off. And there’s no shame in it either. Remember that even The Beatles get by with a little help from their friends.

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