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Guy Talk: Ideas for Making 2021 a Better Year for You

For sure, you guys out there are ready to put 2020 in the rearview mirror. And why not? You were only able to watch your favorite football, baseball, and basketball teams play on TV. The release date of the latest James Bond installment, No Time to Die, got pushed back to next year. And, of course, you’ve been stuck in the house more than ever before.

But take your eyes off the rearview mirror now and look ahead. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, what with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine. Hopefully, this will also mean a better year ahead for everyone. Whatever happens, though, you can still make 2021 a better year, even if only for you. Check out some ways you can do this below.

Learn new skills

If there’s one thing that people learned during this pandemic, it’s that tomorrow is never guaranteed. So make the most of the brand-new year by learning a new skill or two. You can, for one, try your hand at cooking or baking. This will surely make your girl fall even more in love with you. If you have a long-coated dog, buy a pair of professional dog grooming shears and clippers and groom your pup yourself. This will not only save you money but also give you more bonding time with your dog. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a part of a rock band. Then, go ahead and learn how to play the drums or the guitar. Don’t worry about not being able to master a new skill. What’s important is that you learn something new.

Pamper yourself

If you think pampering is a girl thing, then you have another thing coming. This is the 21st century, so whatever women can do, you guys can also do (and vice versa!). Do you ever wonder why women love getting their nails done? Well, it’s because it makes them look and feel good! Your nails get trimmed and totally cleaned for you. For you guys, you can go for a pedicure (treatment for your toenails) and do away with the polish. You should also consider retail therapy (“shopping” might be too girly a term for you) and buy items that help you relieve stress. If having a PS5 console and a pair of Curry Flow 8 will truly make you feel better, then go and get them for yourself. Always keep in mind not to spend more than your means.

Do the things you love

dad and child

If there are things you truly love, make time for them in your life. Yes, you’re probably very busy building your career, but you should still take some time off to do the things you enjoy. Maybe you’ve always had a grand time going on camping or fishing trips. Call your old man and brothers and see if you can fit a couple of trips this summer into your busy schedules. Or perhaps playing video games like NBA 2k21 or Sid Meier’s Civilization VI all day is what will make you the happiest. Then, play to your heart’s content every Saturday. You can also spend some time alone at home doing nothing at all if that’s your thing. Remember that all work and no play can make you become a very dull boy.

Make 2021 a Better Year for You

Put 2020 behind you and look forward to 2021. Hopefully, things will start to look up when the brand-new year rolls around. But even if they don’t, you can still make 2021 better for you by learning new skills, pampering yourself, and doing the things you love in the coming year.


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