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The Man Effect: How to Become More Confident

It is fairly common for men to struggle with confidence at some point in their lives. If you have thoughts along the lines of, “If only I were more confident, then she would definitely go out on a date with me, or I would ask my supervisor for a promotion,” then you are not solitary with these sentiments.

Doubting your confidence is not a bad thing, per se. Having this self-perception is the first step towards building your character. As long as you keep on trying to better yourself and you do not lose hope, then you are on the right track. Thus, here are some tips to help you become more of a confident man.

How You Can Feel More Confident

Have a Vision

A confident man is motivated and determined to reach his clear vision. You might come asking yourself: “How do I get a vision for my life?” Even though there is no definite answer to that, you can start by writing down how you want your future. Look back at old dreams, and it will help you see what you truly want to accomplish in life.

Know Yourself

An insecure person would react in anger or frustration when someone questions their ability and decision-making skills. However, a confident man is someone sure of himself. To grow in this area, you may ask your friends or family what they think are your weaknesses and strengths. Their feedback will serve as a gauge of how you can better yourself.

Take Action

What differentiates a confident man from an insecure one is simply action. Although both may experience the same dreadful situation, a confident man does not let fear and apprehension get the better of him. He knows these feelings are normal human reactions, but he nevertheless pushes through and moves forward. Simple steps like waking up early and making your bed help you improve in this aspect.

Accept Failure

Pushing yourself to learn new things meant having to deal with failure along the way. Admittedly, most of us never try or even attempt to attain our desired goal because of shame. We are afraid to be laughed at if we flop on something. However, a confident man understands that failure is actually proof of action. And, they can stomach whatever defeat they might face.

Take Care of Yourself

self care concept

Part of being a confident man is taking care of one’s self. This includes improving your hygiene, diet, and overall lifestyle. You would not meet a confident man with terrible hygiene and a grossly unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, visit your orthodontist, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and wake up early to exercise. Do not forget to dress up the part as well. Seeing yourself physically fit will surely boost your self-esteem.

Push Yourself

Confident men are not born; they are made. Constant practice and setting new limits to one’s self is the key to self-actualization. Understand that if you want to grow as a better and more confident person, discomfort is part of the deal. Nonetheless, do not immediately push yourself beyond what you can handle. Take baby steps and gradually increase the difficult tasks.

Think Positive

Men who are confident look on the brighter side of life. It does not mean ignoring the bleak reality, however. It means recognizing the existence of negative things but focusing on what is more valuable, and that is the positive things in life. With an optimistic outlook, nothing seems impossible to accomplish. So smile and learn to let go of any negative feelings.

Reading through these points, you will realize you might be weak on some aspects but strong on the others. With this laid out to you, you may start working on those points that you lack most.

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