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Signs that Your Car Needs a New Diesel Engine

Diesel engines function differently from the more common motors that are gas-powered. They are seen as a more reliable option in vehicles and are preferred for their efficient fuel economy. While gas and diesel-powered engines share some standard features and functions, they still have individual differences that every car owner should know. One important thing to learn is to determine the condition of a diesel engine, especially when it is already old. Fortunately, some signs tell you the need to bring your car to an auto service center. Here are some instances that call for a diesel engine repair:

Broken Glow Plugs

Diesel engines use glow plugs instead of spark plugs. This part works to produce warm air that is compressed with diesel fuel to be able to move the pistons up and down. They are equipped with heating features like those found in oven toasters. Unfortunately, these plugs can also be damaged due to wear and tear. This results in compression problems that manifest as difficulty in starting the car. In many instances, there is a cranking noise that goes on for seconds as if the vehicle is struggling to function. In some cases of failed glow plugs, it is barely impossible to get your car started.

Turbocharger Breakdown

If your diesel engine has a turbocharging system, you must also know how to spot a failure. One of the most common telltale signs of a damaged turbocharger is the abrupt death of the system while you are driving. This can be due to a leak, worn-out pump, or damaged clamp. In some cases, turbocharger failure produces a black smoke coming out of the engine.

Blue Smoke

Black smoke isn’t the only thing to watch out for. Blue smoke is another sign that your diesel engine is problematic. There are several culprits in this case. It can be due to oil leakage or damaged cylinders. This can also happen when the oil chamber is over-filled. Centers offering diesel repair in Salt Lake City suggest getting a replacement if you have been noticing blue smoke regularly.

Wrong Engine Oil

mechanic pouring oil into the car engineEngine oils or lubricants play an essential part in the overall health of a diesel-powered engine. There are instances, however, that the wrong choice of lubricants results in difficulty in starting up the motor. The season is a big factor to consider when choosing which type of engine oil to use. Go for a single-weight oil during summer months and multi-weight oil during winter months to avoid any problem.

These are the most common signs that there is something wrong with your diesel engine. When you start to notice these things, it’s wise to contact a licensed mechanic or bring your car or truck to the nearest repair center. While there are instances when you want to fix the issue on your own to save on cost, it pays to leave the job to professional hands. This is especially true when you are clueless on the extent of the damage and when you have a minimal background on car repair. Proper diagnosis, repair, and replacement are necessary to keep your engine in good working condition.

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