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Overcome Your Workaholic Habits: Live Free While You Work

For many of us, it can be great that we can focus on work. But there is such a thing as too much working. Being a workaholic can be damaging to your life so you should quickly try to break your workaholic habit. It may sound easy at first, but even working shorter hours can break a true workaholic from their addiction to working too much. To help with that, here are some useful tips that should help out.


Recognize That You Have a Problem


Like any addiction, you need to stop and admit to yourself that you have a problem. This can be not easy. Many people don’t think they are workaholics. To them, they merely work a lot as part of their job. But they don’t notice that their coworkers don’t put in as much time and effort as they do. If this is pointed out to them, they will usually say that they are just motivated at their job.


If you want to know whether you are a workaholic, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First, you need to look at how many hours you spend at work. Many people only spend 40 hours a week at their job. If you are spending a notably longer time than that, then you are likely a workaholic. Second, an additional sign that you are a workaholic is that you prioritize work above all things. For example, if given a choice between work and having fun, then you choose work, then you likely have a workaholic problem.


The important thing to remember is that if you are constantly going above and beyond at work, then you probably are a workaholic and you need to break this addiction.


Identify The Real Issue


Workaholics are addicts, and the addiction has a reason behind it. You might attempt all the other measures listed here; your workaholic problem will still be there. You need to identify and resolve the issue. There are several reasons why you are a workaholic, and you need to find out which one it is so that you can deal with it.


First, you may think of your work as your identity. People need to define themselves. Some people do it through their relationships while others define themselves by their achievements. The problem is when people start defining themselves by their work. If that is how you identify yourself, then that means you may have trouble finding another way to give yourself an identity beyond that. This encourages you to keep working as much as possible because you don’t feel like yourself outside of your job.


Another reason for being a workaholic is that you might have your entire life at work. This is where your friends are, and you have no other interests beyond the job. You can’t help but end up at work. You might also be trying to avoid issues from somewhere else. For example, you might have a bad home life, so you work to avoid it. Knowing the issue will allow you to help deal with it.



Setup A Schedule


Resolving your issue is just the beginning. Being a workaholic is a habit, so you need to break it. To make that happen, you need to set up a schedule. Sit down and start determining what would be the best times to limit your work hours to.


It is very important that you strictly follow this schedule. When you are at your job, that is when you should focus on the job. But once you go off the clock, you should stop worrying about your small business loans and other work issues. This can be difficult for some people. You might have people from work calling you up or messaging to consult with you. This makes it important that you have to unplug once your job hours are over. This prevents work from intruding into your relaxation time,


Learn To Use Your Vacation Time


Another thing that you should do to force downtime on yourself is to start taking your vacation time. Many companies have a requisite number of days for vacation per year. Normal people use all those vacation days, but workaholics usually bank those up and convert them to a bonus. To break your workaholic habit, you need to use those vacation days. Sign up for a trip or even stay at home. The important thing is to relax.


Working too much can be a problem. It would be best if you learned how to break your workaholic habit since it can be damaging to your life. The tips above should help a lot in making your life more balanced. You won’t regret taking that step when you can experience more of life.


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