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It’s Part of the Growth Process: Why Men Need to Travel

Most men associate themselves with the role of a protector and a provider. These roles are based on the standards set by society. However, more men are struggling with fulfilling these roles because society has impacted their expectations.

Mental and spiritual growth is important for men. Growing holistically is essential because it enables men to fulfill their responsibilities more efficiently. Most men face problems in terms of gaining confidence and independence in a world where double standards exist. As a result, most men end up doing everything they can to jump-start their growth process. One way of guaranteeing holistic growth is through travelling. When men travel, they learn more about themselves, and they can also gain more confidence. Below are the reasons travelling is considered essential to men’s growth process.

Enhancing Maturity

Physical growth is very different from mental and emotional growth. Men can age and grow physically, but this does not guarantee emotional and mental growth. Travelling can serve as a rite of passage towards maturity. Men who travel find themselves facing the reality of being independent, responsible, and efficient.

Travelling requires thorough planning and preparation. When men decide to travel, they have to figure out all the necessities of travelling on their own. They need to find a way to fund their travel expenses, find a place to stay in such as cheap student accommodation or cheap motels, and planning an itinerary that will guide them through their journey.

The more that men exercise their independence, the more they enhance their mental and emotional growth. They become more responsible for themselves, making them more capable of being responsible for others. They will learn to prioritise things, which is an important skill they will need in the real world. Travelling also opens men up to the idea of appreciation. Men get to appreciate the lessons they learned and the experiences they encountered while travelling.

Confidence and Authenticity

Men need to establish a sense of trustworthiness and honesty because these will be beneficial in real life. When travelling, men have the opportunity to make the most out of discovering things about themselves that will make them more authentic. Being authentic means being confident about one’s pursuits and feelings. If a man is authentic, he will not find it hard to relate with other people, even when they come from a different culture or race. Travelling opens men up to opportunities of meeting new people every day.

Aside from enhancing authenticity, travelling also boosts a man’s confidence. A man who knows what he wants and one who is willing to do what he can to achieve his goals is a man who can do great things with his life. If a man decides to start a family, he will be able to do so successfully if he has the confidence to become the foundation of his family’s strength. Travelling helps a man become more reliable. Therefore, the more reliable a man is to himself, the more reliable he will be to the significant people in his life.

Respect and Composure

traveling alone

Since travelling gives a man enough time to reflect on his life and choices, he will maximise opportunities to gain composure. Composure stems from clarity of mind. Travelling gives men enough opportunities to clear their minds and focus on essential things like their roles and responsibilities in life. Composure also allows men to act calmly regardless of the challenges they will face in life.

The more composure a man has, the more respect he will earn from the people around him. Nothing beats the ability to act responsibly regardless of the circumstances or situations that may arise. Men need to be prepared to handle different situations because life is unpredictable by nature. In a sense, travelling is a good way to teach men about the unpredictability of life. After all, not everything will go according to plan. Therefore, men need to maximise their decision-making skills, which can be enhanced by their travelling experiences.

Lessons and Experiences Acquired

Besides enhancing mental and spiritual maturity, travelling can make men appreciate their roles and responsibilities more efficiently. Travelling will help make men more responsible and reliable. After all, the time they spend travelling will reveal more about themselves than the time they spend working and striving to achieve more in the real world.

Travelling enhances men’s growth processes because it unlocks many opportunities and helps men discover their potentials and capabilities. Men change when they are challenged to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, travelling is a good way for men to deal with the standards set by society.

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