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Improving Your New Working From Home Lifestyle Never Got This Easier!

The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention highlight the importance of physical activity, especially for adults. These two authorities on health matters direct that adults must have 75-150 minutes of vigorous- to moderate-intensity physical exercise weekly. These physical activities could either be aerobic or bone and muscle strengthening exercises. WHO recommends home-based exercises, of which some may sound crazy and new to you. Have you heard of superman, bridge, and chest opener?

However, government and company directives to counter the COVID-19 pandemic have been recommending working from home to minimize viral transmission. That has slid most people into a sedentary lifestyle, with figures rising to an alarming 72.3% to 81.9% of people reporting increasing their TV and social media time, respectively. Working from home does not have to be at the expense of leading an active lifestyle.

Challenge yourself, make things happen

Statistics show that it can take 18 to 254 days to break a habit. That is how much you also have to consistently engage in physical activity to break free from the sedentary lifestyle into which you had begun sliding. It is not much hard work, though. A little physical activity here and there, and cumulatively you will attain the CDC- and WHO-recommended number of hours per week.

  1. For singles– these activities could include walking during calls, standing instead of sitting while working, fidgeting on your chair, and doing lunges while taking your lunch. Using under desk exercising machines and exercise ball chairs while working are also excellent options for adding to your hours of physical activity.
  2. For partners and families– the simple physical activities include dancing or taking walks, pilates, or yoga on porches and walkways during breaks (away from your home work station). You also can add fun to laundry work by sneaking in some squats and cardio. Gardening with your partner or family members will also do the trick.


For safety purposes, call in your Salt Lake City concrete repair contractor to confirm the floors on which you are exercising are level.

Stick to the priorities

Staying active should be a priority, especially if you are doing most of your office work from home. Skip the couch, long hours at your home office desk, and lengthy hours rocking on your chair when on calls. You can do most of the conventional office work while throwing in some exercises, stretching, and changing working positions.

The big question, however, is whether your house is a conducive environment for realizing an active lifestyle.

The condition of your house will define your activity

It is crucial you address a couple of other issues when pursuing an active lifestyle while working from home. Typically, your diet will top this list. However, also consider the condition of the areas in which you are spending most of your “office” time. That includes the floors and walls, and lighting. With a close look at the floor, uneven and slippery porch, garage, and indoor floors pose a health hazard as they are notorious for causing slips, trips, and falls.

Always make sure to check your patio and porch for repairs and maintenance. That includes doing concrete step leveling, and joint and crack sealing. You should never be afraid to call on professionals who could help you do it right.


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