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Home Design Ideas to Facilitate Fitness

While it’s good for our home to be comforting and cozy, it also needs to be a place that would facilitate our health and wellness. Especially while living in a time like the COVID-19 crisis, when we’re all forced to do everything from the comfort of our homes, our houses need to be an optimal place for all kinds of activities—work, rest, play, and exercise.

Unfortunately, not all home layouts were created to encourage healthy eating, movement, and physical fitness. Here are some design ideas and organizational tips you can look into to help motivate you to take care of your body and health every day.

A home gym

If you have a spare room, don’t hesitate to use it solely for exercise. If you live with other people, and you’re the type to get embarrassed while working out, a room that’s solely dedicated to fitness can be a great place for privacy and seclusion. You don’t need to buy the most expensive or state-of-the-art equipment; you only need essentials like:

  • Exercise mat
  • Kettleball
  • A set of dumbells, the weight of which will depend on your needs and fitness level
  • Jump rope
  • Stability ball
  • Treadmill

You don’t need all of this; the beauty of a home gym is that you have the freedom to customize it according to your needs and fitness level. Consult with your doctor and fitness coach to determine which tools and equipment you need at home for a workout routine that’s tailored to your needs and requirements.

A well-organized pantry

kitchen interior designThe “out of sight, out of mind” principle works well when you want to consume healthier foods. Make sure to hide the more unhealthy options like chocolates far away from view. If they’re not easily accessible, you may be less inclined to reach for them. If you have to take out a stool every time you want a bag of chips, you might be less likely to consume them than if they were on the counter. On the flip side, place healthy options like fruits and unsalted nuts on your countertops all the time, so you can have something healthy to nibble on every time you feel a bit hungry.

Bathroom mirrors

Studies show conflicting reports about the effects of mirrors while working out, and they produce different results for different people. So if you’re unsure about placing mirrors in your home gym or whichever room you plan to work out, consider investing in a high-quality bathroom vanity mirror instead, with your weighing scale underneath it. It may put less pressure on you as you stay up to date on your progress since you don’t have to look at yourself while working out.

Supportive environment

The way your home is lit and laid out can influence your energy levels and motivation to be productive. There’s a reason why lighting is one of the most crucial parts of the architecture and interior design process—it can make or break one’s level of alertness and productivity. It can dramatically and significantly alter an occupant’s mood and experience. Both artificial and natural light can be manipulated and adjusted to enhance your mood and your energy, and here are some ways you can use lighting to increase your motivation to get up and move:

  • The color of your lights must be considered. Rosy and warm hues help create a relaxed and cozy ambiance making them perfect for the bedroom. In contrast, yellows and oranges help brighten up and energize a room—which is why bright lights with little glare are often used in gymnasiums and group fitness rooms. Soft lights can also create a calming effect, making it ideal for yoga or pilates. Consider what your priority is for your living room for now. If you won’t be receiving guests any time soon, it’s worth converting your living room lights into the kind that will motivate and energize you to exercise.
  • Take your flooring into account, as well; make sure it’s capable of cushioning you when you fall or when you have to do exercises that require laying down.
  • Ergonomics is already a crucial part of laying out your furniture, but even more so if you want to use your living room for exercising. Ensure that there is enough space for you to move your coffee table if you need more space to work out. Now maybe a good time to de-clutter whatever room you will be occupying while working out. Your backyard can also be a good option, especially during the warmer months.

Choosing healthy habits when you’re in the comfort of your home is a challenging task, but one that is always worth the effort. Arrange and design your home to help facilitate your quest for a healthier body.

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