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Four Ways Your Healthy Lawn Makes Mother Earth Smile

Choosing to create a natural lawn is a big decision. But before you resist the idea, know. That decision can positively impact the planet that you live on – along with its over 7.8 billion inhabitants. A beautifully green lawn is not only there for aesthetics. It’s also a great way to make Mother Earth smile.

Well, it’s no secret. A healthy lawn is a treasure trove. Right off the bat, it ups your property’s curb appeal. In fact, a well-kept lawn can boost up to 15% of your home value should you choose to sell your house. Of course, making the lawn beam with pride and confidence is another story altogether.

For sure, it takes a lot of time and attention for your lawn to appear how you want it to be. Some may find it a waste of time. For one, grass, which plays a big role in the scenery, does not produce any useful crops or grow flowers. But fear not, your efforts should not be in vain. Maintaining a natural lawn is an important part of sustaining our ecosystem.

Up Air Quality

Plants take part in photosynthesis, and a healthy lawn contributes to this process big time. As the byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen, the life-sustaining gas is immediately released into our atmosphere.

A little math should help us. A 2,500 sq. foot area of turfgrass produces an adequate amount of oxygen for up to four people to breathe. Even more astounding, an entire golf course of grass can capture up to 1,500 pounds of carbon every year. For this reason, turfgrass is said to be the most effective and sensible approach to counter the greenhouse effect.

Of course, you can always DIY your lawn beautification project. More often than not, however, that can go sideways. Over time, improper grass set-up can make your lawn look faded, brown, and dry.

A good way to go about it is by letting lawn professionals do it. The installation of roll-on lawns can have stunning results. Not only will you get a beautiful turf, but you’re assured you get something that fits your needs to a T.

Up Soil Structure

growing plant

The seasonal shedding of turf grass roots, leaves, and stems is a normal occurrence of grasses’ yearly growth cycle. And this adds helpful amounts of organic matter to the soil structure over time.

In turn, the additional organic matter creates a thick, vigorous, and healthier lawn. With a good soil structure, you have more accessible soil water, better water installation, and microbial activity.

The result? Your soil quality goes up. And with it, your lawn aesthetics.

Generate a Cooling Effect

In hot seasons, installing a turfgrass lawn can effectively reduce heat. In fact, your atmosphere will be 30 degrees cooler if your lawn is well-kept and maintained.

To further understand this environmental benefit, let’s compare it to your air conditioning unit. Why? That’s because air conditioners can have up to four tons of capacity. But that’s peanuts. An average lawn can give you as much as nine-ton capacity cooling, leaving your traditional AC behind.

Did you know that when the sun’s heat is too much, the grass on your lawn cools itself? And this natural process is called transpiration. Pretty neat. This explains why lawns feel greater than usual on a hot sunny day because of its cooling effect. Thus, you and your family can still enjoy outdoor activities on your lawn, even in a sweltering hot summer.

Serves as a Pollution Filter

According to a 2013 research, experts concluded that a landscape covered in turfgrass reduces runoff and pollution. More specifically, an average soccer field-size area can even absorb up to 50,000 gallons full of water. All that stabilizes the soil preventing run-offs from going to rivers and creeks. Thus, it creates a more sustainable environment.

Moreover, continuous research found out that turf grass has become an essential part of landscaping due to its absorptive capacity. Add its ability to minimize noise pollution, and you know pretty well your green, green grass of home is a blessing to everyone and Mother Earth.

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