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For Unconventional Brides: Wedding Dress Colors that Aren’t White

Have you been thinking about going the unconventional route and wearing a colorful dress on your wedding day? Many still believe that brides are supposed to be clad in white, while wedding guests can wear whatever color they like other than that color of purity.

However, modern brides are not afraid to experiment, and that’s exactly why we see more wedding gowns on the runway in all the shades of the rainbow. They understand that wearing a traditional white wedding dress isn’t obligatory. Because weddings are all about the brides (grooms are lucky to get a bit of the spotlight), they get to call the shots, not just with the dress but with almost everything else — the motif, flowers, food, diamond wedding bands, and music, among others. As a result, these non-traditional brides get a completely personal wedding gown that truly stands out in the world or whites.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a white wedding dress, here are some colors you can choose from:


Still can’t decide on that “something blue” for your big day? Then how about going for a blue wedding dress? While this may not be as popular as pinks and greens, this is the true statement color any modern bride can truly rock. Pastel shades of blue still have that touch of romance, but if you want to highlight your creativity, an electric or navy blue dress is a perfect choice, especially on a snowy backdrop.

bride with blue hair laying down


After white and all the other shades close to it, blush takes the silver medal as the popular choice of unconventional wedding dress. Many brides are in love with this color because it’s neutral, romantic, and flattering on many skin tones and eye and hair colors. It looks great, regardless of the bride’s age.

Also, it has the right amount of feminine touch and is a lot less bold than pink. With the right details, you’d definitely look like you stepped out of a fairy tale. This is why this color has been popular for many years and is not about to go down anytime soon. Many wedding dress designers include this shade in their collection; you won’t have any issues looking for the perfect fit with the right embellishments, whether you’re into something as simple as tulle, a full-on ball gown, or an entire dress filled with lace.


Many women adore the mint color, which is why it’s a popular choice for many brides in terms of their wedding color. But, it turns out mint isn’t just for decor; it’s perfect for wedding dresses as well. It has a fresh and soothing vibe that will make many women with cool blue or pink skin tones truly stand out. There’s a wide range of shades to choose from. If you’re looking for something that’s still close to white, you can go for muted tones.

If you want to take it up a notch, bold hues are the shades to go. The great thing about this color is you can combine it with white and ivory for a more interesting bridal look. A mint dress with white lace or a skirt with white and mint tulle can make for a unique dress. This shade is perfect for both winter and spring weddings.

With these ideas in mind, you don’t have to settle for the usual or common. You can go for another look that will be uniquely yours on your big day.

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