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Balancing Career Building with the Lighter Side of Life

The elusive balance between career and life is always an interesting topic among young professionals and entrepreneurs who know nothing but working day in and day out to achieve their dreams. Even the much-envied globe-trotting influencers can’t honestly say they prioritize their private dreams over the images they need to keep.

We thought that the reason why we’re alive must be that we should leave a legacy for others in the far future to know us. Some think that living is just a temporary state. That we will all eventually disappear and no one in the future will care about people who lived in the past. Even when the names of the people who made revolutionary inventions, in time, will mean nothing. After all, Samuel Morse, the person who invented the telegraph, has become almost obsolete with modern communication systems.

So instead of worrying too much if you’d leave a mark or not on humanity, enjoy your life. To get you started, here are some suggestions for people who know nothing but their careers.

Take vacations frequently.

Vacations don’t always have to be complete detachments from reality. Of course, you will need to go on a vacation where you will not think of anything but your peace of mind. However, you can still wine and dine while making plans for your career. While looking for the perfect opportunity to start an automotive franchise, sip on a martini on the Amalfi Coast. While finishing your report, grab a beer and type away in front of a beach. No one tells you to lock yourself in a boring and stuffy room to build your career or business.

Find a hobby.

running concept

Reading about business strategies is not counted. Take an interest that’s not related to your career preoccupations. On the other hand, you can take on something that will allow you to network and hobnob among the people you will eventually want to partner or collaborate with in the future. The point is the hobby should give you enough distraction so that the burden of your business concerns can be lessened. If you don’t have anything else to preoccupy your mind, chances are you will focus on your problems.

Don’t get too attached to plans.

Plans are there to guide you but don’t feel that you failed when things don’t go as planned. Some things might not be under your control. So it’s normal to fail.

Aspire to contribute to the common good instead of focusing on wealth.

Succeeding in your career is often equated to amassing wealth. After all, the people we associate with the word success are Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and William Buffett. But if you read into their stories, you will find several things you probably don’t wish to experience.

You can also aspire for successful figures like Mahatma Gandhi. Not that you should lead a nonviolent revolution. What a figure like him embodies is social change. Gandhi was an Indian lawyer. Although from a higher level in the caste system still prevalent in India, what is important is that his influence does not stem from his acquisition of vast amounts of wealth.

Why the art of living has become a goal instead of a natural part of us is ironic. We are all living, and yet we don’t know what to do with this circumstance we found ourselves in. The best way to approach life, really, is not to take it too seriously. After all, as an aphorism goes, no one gets out of this alive.

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