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Visiting Utah? Here Are the Adventures You Should Try

Popularly known as the beehive state, the forefathers of Utah put in work so that this state could turn out the way it did. Home to so many national and state parks and natural wonders, Utah has become a place for incredible adventures and trips. So the next time you visit the beehive state, you should make the most of this journey. Here are some things you have to do:

Go Sightseeing

In Utah, there are more than enough parks, canyons, and valleys to visit. Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park are some places where you can have great scenic pleasure.

You could go for a walk or a ride along with these spectacular places, and you would certainly be delighted at all the picturesque views. So when you visit Utah for the second time around, you must go to any of these locations.

Visit the Town of Moab

Just a warning, when you decide to go to Moab, make sure that you have your sunglasses and hats handy if it is during summer. This is because the temperatures here could get really high. But if you have been looking for an opportunity to get a tan, go for it.

Well, why is Moab so awesome? It is simply because of all the parks. This town is closest to most parks, which makes it an excellent base if you want to hike and fulfill your sightseeing dreams. Bikers are also known to often gather at this town around March to May or September to October due to the trails in this town.

Go to Antelope Island

There are many things to do here on Utah’s vastest island. On Antelope Island, you can go hiking following any of the many trails such as the Frary Peak Trail or the  Buffalo Point Trail, which would leave you feeling accomplished by the time you take a look from the top of the hill.

It’s not a really good idea to swim as the water is pretty salty. However, you can borrow a kayak or paddleboat and have a bit of adventure in the water. Antelope Island is best visited during spring as it is quite infamous for the buggy bugs which pry the area during summer.

dinosaurs in a desert

See a Dinosaur

Don’t you just love dinosaurs? Well, if you do, Utah is the perfect place for you. Go to the Dinosaur National Monument located in the famous Dinosaurland. If you are coming from Colorado, then this should be your first stop because this place reaches the borders of both Colorado and Utah.

There are several dinosaur fossils here, so if you have doubts about their existence, this place will be great for you. It can help you clear the air. Here, you can do many things other than just dinosaur-related. You can also go to the green river for good rafting and visit the rainbow and island park. Finally, you should see the stars here.

Go for an ATV Tour

These rides are an even more enjoyable experience when taken during sunsets. There are numerous places where you can go on an ATV tour. This popular service is available in a bunch of places in Utah. The breeze in your hair during these off-road drives is more than worth the typical $345 for a full-day price. So when you take a trip to Utah once again, make sure you have a lot of fun riding these ATVs.

Ski Because Why Not

Saved the best for last—skiing is a very popular tradition among the people of Utah. Places such as the cottonwood canyon are a must-visit during the wintertime. This is because of how great skiing is in this part of the world.

The climate in Utah is so cold during winter that you would be able to jump on where would ordinarily be a water-filled area. As for the canyons and resorts, everywhere is covered in white beautiful snow which makes it a perfect skiing wonderland.

If you do not know how to ski, do not worry. There are many ski schools, so you will not have to worry about falling down. And if you do, you will just be falling on snow.

Utah is great for a lot of things, which can give you more than enough reason to want to visit there. But when you do plan your trip, there are certain things that you simply must do if you’re going to have an unforgettable experience.

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