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The Dangers of Sitting for Long Hours

It’s becoming a norm for employees to sit in front of their desk for long hours each day. But did you know that long sitting hours can lead to various postural problems in the long run?

If you ever feel pain in your beck after sitting for long hours, then something might be wrong. Experts say that continuous and uninterrupted sitting can lead to several health complications. It is a common concern shared by most corporate offices, which makes them consider standing workspaces for their employees. But what truly happens when you sit for long hours?

The risk of sitting for long hours

Any extended sitting can be harmful to a person’s health. A study even found out that a person who sits for more than 8 hours each day without any physical activity have higher risks of dying from smoking and obesity. People who sit for long periods have higher chances of developing high blood sugar levels, excess body fat, and high blood pressure. It also increases their chances of developing cardiovascular health problems and even cancer.

Since they don’t move that much, people who sit for long working hours can suffer from muscle degeneration and leg disorders. That’s because their position affects the blood flow in their body. This causes the fluid to dabble right in their legs. Sitting for several hours a day can also increase a person’s stress level. Since the person’s muscles barely move, it doesn’t release enough mood-enhancing hormones that can help alleviate the stress levels in the brain.

It can also affect a person’s spinal structure. Long hours of sitting can result in imbalances in a person’s spinal structure. It includes a strained neck, disc damage, and sore shoulders. Although it’s easy to go to an experienced back pain doctor in Tulsa or any other location to treat the condition, it’s still important to learn how to reduce the chances of developing such conditions.

Protecting yourself from the effects of prolonged sitting

office work

Several studies have shown that physical activity can do wonders to a person’s health. That’s why it’s crucial to give yourself enough time to move around. Getting some physical activities is better than sitting in the office for the entire day.

One tip is to take a break from your station every thirty minutes. Try to move around and take a walk if possible. You should also stand while doing some activities, such as watching television or even talking on the phone.

Meanwhile, you can also consider working on a standing desk when you’re at work. If there’s none, then you can easily improvise by doing your tasks on a high table or counter. You can even put your work surface above the treadmill, so you can get your exercise while doing your work, but always mind your safety.

Physical movement has a profound effect on your body. So, try to give yourself enough time to become physically active every day. Doing so not only help you maintain your physical health; it also helps boost your mental well-being.

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