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Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Men

There is a common notion that getting gifts for men can feel like an insurmountable task. If this holds true for your male loved ones, then buying gifts can often be tedious; whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

The best way to figure out what to buy for a man is to pay attention to his hobbies. If he likes the outdoors, then consider yourself lucky. There are countless gifts that an outdoorsy man would love, and here are some of the best examples.

Outdoor shoes

A good pair of outdoor shoes is one of the best gifts to give a man who spends a lot of time traveling, hiking, or camping, among other outdoor activities. A sturdy pair of boots is a good pick for men who like to do more adventurous stuff like camp or hunt. On the other hand, you could also give them a pair of Dockers men’s shoes or other footwear that are comfortable while still looking stylish.

Swiss army knife

If your giftee is an outdoorsy person, then they would probably already have a Swiss army knife. However, it won’t hurt to give them another one, especially if their current knife is old and worn out from frequent use. It’s also a good idea to get the knife engraved with their name to make it more personal, especially if they like carrying their Swiss army knife around.

Hand warmer

A hand warmer is probably not something most outdoorsy men pack with them on their camping or hunting trips. But when you give them one as a gift, they probably won’t leave the house again without it.

GPS watch

If you can stretch your budget a little, a high-quality GPS watch is an amazing gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. From the name itself, a GPS watch has GPS capabilities that allow the wearer to know their location at all times. It’s not only incredibly useful during excursions, but it’s also an added safety measure against getting lost.

Emergency blanket

An emergency blanket is a staple for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. It is also inexpensive, making it a great gift if you’re on a budget. You may even want to get one for yourself; you never know when you can end up in a situation where you need warmth ASAP.

man hiking

Portable mosquito repeller

Bugs are the bane of any outdoorsy person, and mosquitoes are the peskiest ones of all. Get your loved one a portable, battery-powered mosquito repeller to make their excursions a little more comfortable.

Portable smokeless grill

Roasting food above a campfire is part of the outdoor experience, but it is not always convenient nor efficient. A portable smokeless grill gets rid of the hassle of holding a piece of food above a fire, and it also makes it easier to make large batches of food at once.

Long-lasting headlamp

Not all headlamps are made the same. If you want to give your outdoorsy loved one something useful for their trips, a long-lasting headlamp is a good option–preferably also one that doesn’t weigh enough to be uncomfortable.

Mountain socks

No one likes wet and cold feet, especially during a hike or a camping trip. This makes mountain socks a great gift option because not only are they waterproof, but they are also wind-resistant, meaning your giftee’s feet can stay warm and dry wherever they may be.

Campfire grilling apparatuses

Bringing full-sized kitchen tools on a camping trip is no fun. Get your loved one a set of campfire grilling apparatuses so that they can enjoy grilling in the outdoors without the hassle of using regular grilling tools.

These gifts are just some of the best ones for men who love the outdoors. When you’re still stumped for ideas, though, consider getting them a gift card for an outdoor supplies shop instead.

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