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A Car Owner’s Guide to Overcoming Cabin Fever

Are you stuck at home and itching to quench your need for speed? It’s common for drivers to feel lethargic while staying at home. Although this gives them and their cars some respite, it can lead to anxiety and cabin fever. Isolation for extended periods and a lack of physical socialization can affect a person’s psyche. A feeling of uncertainty and other negative emotions can take a toll on a person’s mind and body.

Car owners need not succumb to negative feelings and find things to keep their minds busy while having fun. Here is a simple guide for car owners who are stuck at home:

Chat Online

Technology has provided us with tools such as Messenger, Viber, and other video-messaging apps to connect. Organize an online messaging group where you can all share your experience or relevant automotive news. You can also join online car clubs to meet car enthusiasts from around the world.

If you’re into car restoration and need Volkswagen OEM parts, they can help you source affordable and authentic pieces. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with your friends or the rest of the world.

Read Your Vehicle’s Manual

This is the best time to read and understand your car’s manual! Automobile experts would usually advise us to consult our owner’s manual before asking anything. It makes sense because everything you need to know is printed in black-and-white. Reading your manual will not only familiarize you with your car, but it will also help your brain become active. It’s time to feed your mind.

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Learn about Your Car Brand’s History

A real car enthusiast will go to great lengths to learn more about their car brand’s history. In line with reading as a recommended brain exercise, utilize the Internet to read about your vehicle’s manufacturer. Start with their humble beginnings and the story behind their iconic badge or logo.

What were the innovations introduced in your car’s current make and model? Does your vehicle’s model have “brothers” or “sisters” from other automobile manufacturers? Share this new information with your friends or co-car enthusiasts. Discuss or debate about it with them.

Teach children about the importance of road safety

Staying at home allows you to bond with your family, especially the kids. Take this opportunity to teach them the importance of road safety. Bring them all to your car and explain how the different car lights (including dashboard indicators) function and why they should pay attention to them.

Talk about traffic and pedestrian signs and how they should behave while on the road. It’s the best time to educate and prepare them to be responsible motorists and pedestrians.

Give Your Car the Tender Loving Care (TLC) It Deserves

Of course, let’s not forget about your ever-reliable workhorse – your car. While your vehicle is getting a well-deserved rest, give it a bit of TLC. Give it a thorough clean, inside and out, and bring it back to its showroom condition.

Check all of its parts and components, and replace worn-out parts. If possible, drive it a couple of blocks to ensure that the oil is distributed evenly. Put a cover over your car to protect it from the elements.

Staying at home doesn’t give you an excuse to be idle. This guide aims to keep you busy, both mentally and physically, and help you have a sense of normalcy in spite of the situation.

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